• 19-Jan-2023

    ‘Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Center’ Concludes "Writing Letters and Reports" Course to Cadres of Miyahuna

    AMMAN – Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Center (TAG-KC), a member of Talal Abu-Ghaazaleh Global (TAG. Global), held a training course entitled ‘Writing Letters and Reports’ to the cadres of Miyahuna Company.
    During the course, the participants were divided into five groups, where each group underwent 16 hours of training over four days. The course highlighted the importance of writing commercial correspondence and introduced participants to letter-writing tools, tips, and techniques. 
    The types of memorandums, importance, and cons, literary writing, administrative writing, communication, and the layout and functions of numerous memo types were also discussed.
    Moreover, participants discussed issues related to commercial reports; their types, and how to use each one of them, in addition to the stages involved in writing effective reports. The course included a section on writing minutes of meetings, and giving participant’s practical training.
    The basics of writing reports and memos were also covered, along with the skills and formal requirements for preparing reports, common mistakes in preparing reports, standardizing the process and formats of administrative writing and business correspondence in organizational work, and stages of writing administrative memos.
    Twenty-five tips on writing effective reports and memos were provided and thoroughly discussed.
Training Plan

Training Plan