• 29-Jul-2015

    TAG-Org Inaugurates Jaffa Knowledge Station in Jerusalem

    AMMAN-----29 July  2015-------Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org), the global organization for professional services and education inaugurated the Jaffa Digital Knowledge Station for youth at Saray Community Service Association headquarters in Jerusalem; the second station established by TAG-Org in Palestine after the Korean Centre in Al-Najah University.
    TAG-Org provided Jaffa Digital Knowledge Station with 11 laptops "Netketabi", a printer and a wireless router.

    HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, chairman of TAG-Org said that the Organization, through this station, seeks to disseminate e-learning to ease the blockade on the Palestinians by communicating with the world.

    He pointed out that the station was named after Jaffa as all the cities represent Jerusalem and Jerusalem represents all Palestine. Thus, we need to remind the world that Jerusalem is the issue of every Palestinian.

    He also thanked Chairman of Saraya Association, Ms. Nahlah Al-Esiely, and all the members of the board for their efforts to serve the people of the region, pointing out that the establishment of the station is a part of the societal group responsibility of which Palestine is an integral part.

    He also pointed out that the knowledge is the basis of the progress and development and that the education is mainly to solve all the problems in the world especially in the field of improving the economy by building a new generation capable of knowledge production.

    In addition, he stated that education is the only key to whatever is useful and that the wealth would not be generated in the future except by the knowledge which includes "education" as a tool. It is also the way toward the advanced civilized society which could not be eliminated.

    He pointed out that the station will be a connection point to the people in Jerusalem to communicate with all the knowledge centers in the world. He also stressed that occupation and injustice would not prevent anybody from having the necessary knowledge, innovation and development so he is able to make a decision of defeating the enemy by knowledge that is the key to our victory and future.

    The event was attended by representative of sustainable development partners, Dr. Sabri Siedam, and members of the Association’s board of directors..

    TAG-Org is planning to open more knowledge stations in Palestine with plans for a station at Bethlehem University and another at Aleman Schools in Jerusalem.


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